Consilium Platform

Consilium Platform is a bespoke custodial wrap service designed for professional financial advisers and their clients. 

Key benefits

Consilium Platform is a bespoke custodial wrap service designed for professional financial advisers and their clients. 

Traditionally, the technology powering Consilium Platform has only been available to large financial institutions throughout Australasia, Europe and Asia.  However, Consilium has used our scale to customise and deliver this leading technology to financial advisers and investors across New Zealand. 

There are four key benefits of Consilium Platform:

Sophisticated architecture 

Investors can have multiple portfolios under one name. These portfolios are combined for tax reporting, but performance and valuation reporting can be run collectively or individually. This structure provides the flexibility to have different fee arrangements for each portfolio.

Institutional level pricing

Consilium Platform allows access to a wide range of investments in multiple currencies, including wholesale managed funds and listed shares, at institutional prices. 

Unique term deposit facility

A range of term deposit providers are available on the platform, often at better than retail rates. This facility is available at a lower administration fee. 

Online access at any time

Advisers and investors can access Consilium Platform online to view up to date information about portfolios at any time.  Advisers can also post regular reports within the investors login, dramatically reducing the need for paper copies and filing.    

Who is involved


Consilium is an independent financial services specialist that champions professional financial advice and those who deliver it.  They provide innovative, globally certified best practice systems and solutions to support the quality, reputation and reach of financial advisers. 

Across New Zealand, Consilium works with more than 80 advisory firms managing well in excess of $2.5 billion. 

Consilium also works closely with FNZ (see below) to deliver innovative investment solutions, improve and enhance platform services and, where possible, to drive down product and service fees for the benefit of investors. 


FNZ partners with large financial institutions, like Consilium, to enable them to provide personalised wealth management solutions to their clients. 

Founded in Wellington in 2002, FNZ are experts in designing and building wrap platforms.  They have over 1000 employees and offer wrap platforms to institutions serving well over two million underlying investors with over $200 billion globally.

FNZ is the combined brand for FNZ Custodians Limited and FNZ Limited.

How it works

Consilium Platform enables advisers to efficiently build and manage customised investment portfolios for their clients.  

Investments are registered in the name of the custodian, FNZ Custodians Limited, but the investor remains the beneficial owner. 

Holding assets in custody allows Consilium Platform to increase efficiency, gain access to institutional level investments and keep fees low.  All interactions between the platform and investment management companies or trading exchanges (such as NZX), are centralised.  This reduces costs, the benefits of which flow back to investors in the form of improved fund access and lower fees. 

If you are interested in using Consilium Platform or would like to know more, please contact us.

For more information, read our frequently asked questions.

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