Our solutions

Consilium provides better solutions for advisers and their clients. We bring passion, commitment and dedication to every aspect of our business, whether it is improving the investment experience, enhancing business processes or imparting wise counsel.

Investment Strategy & Analysis

Investment Committee

Consilium’s Investment Committee is a team of dedicated investment specialists with the responsibility of applying our clear investment philosophy to everything we do.

The Investment Committee meets regularly to research, monitor and report on investments that may be appropriate for inclusion in client portfolios.

Consilium provides advisers with all of the research, asset allocation and modelling tools necessary to deliver high quality investment advice.

Committee members

Investment Philosophy

Consilium’s investment philosophy is based on four cornerstones:

  • Minimising costs is critical
  • Focusing only on highly liquid, highly diversified and high quality investments
  • Tilting portfolios towards academically proven sources of higher expected returns
  • Avoiding expensive tactical trading strategies

    The future is unknowable. Chasing the short term ‘promise’ of better returns from high cost, active managers only leads to long term disappointment.


CEFEX Accreditation

The strength of Consilium’s investment processes are such that we have been independently certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) as achieving global best practice standards.

Consilium’s investment management practices are annually audited by CEFEX to ensure that our processes and procedures remain robust and are being consistently and rigorously applied.

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Consilium Platform

Consilium platform is a custodial wrap service that has been created to enable independent financial advisers to provide tailored solutions for their clients. Advisers can customise individual portfolios as well as access a suite of diversified model portfolios. Consilium Platform delivers increased trading efficiencies and a unique and low cost multi term deposit facility.

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Synergy Investments

For advisers who want to provide their clients with a discretionary investment management service (DIMS) but who do not want to be individually licensed, we offer Synergy Investments. Synergy has its own DIMS licence, which allows a portfolio to automatically handle cash flows and rebalancing without needing client approval.

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Consilium provides advisers with ongoing due diligence, investment research and templates to provide personalised or class KiwiSaver advice, so advisers can focus on relationships and how KiwiSaver fits into their clients’ overall financial picture.

Investment Portfolios

Consilium provides model investment portfolios to advisers who want the ability to deliver a range of different expected risk and return outcomes to clients.

Portfolios are constructed following a strategic asset allocation process, where every major allocation decision is subjected to a detailed review.

A wide range of additional information is available in support of these model portfolios, including historical return and standard deviation data.

Business Support

The value added to you?
Economies of scale
Your costs substantially decrease as you benefit from our negotiated discounts from investment managers and multiple service providers.
Advice processes
An effective and systemised advice process customised to your business, making you less dependent on staff and more certain of your business outputs.
Client engagement
Increased client retention, new business ratios and referral opportunities using our discovery meeting process and education/communication materials.
Business coaching
Support and solutions to your business needs that enable you to achieve your goals and overcome any hurdles currently blocking your path.
Our templates and systems help you comply with changing legislation. We can also assist with DIMS licence applications. We arrange compliance reviews and audits to support advisers.